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Terms and conditions

Eddy Bus&Taxi GmbH
Alte Bundesstrasse 12, A-6305 Itter
(hereinafter referred to as Taxi Eddy)


As of December 1st, 2023


§ 1. General

The general terms and conditions listed below apply to the business relationship between Taxi Eddy and the customers of the transport services offered by Taxi Eddy in the transport of people and goods. We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions. The current version of the General Terms and Conditions is published on the Internet, is clearly displayed in Taxi Eddy's business premises and is available for inspection in Taxi Eddy's vehicles. The version of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time the contract is concluded applies and, in the case of ongoing obligations, the version of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time the transport service is ordered. Differing or conflicting terms and conditions are only valid if Taxi Eddy has accepted them in writing.


§ 2 Conclusion of contract

1. Taxi Eddy accepts driving orders verbally, by telephone, email, in writing, via WhatsApp or web portal. However, a contract will only be concluded if Taxi Eddy has either confirmed this order in writing in advance or if the journey is actually started. If the acceptance of an order is based on a printing, calculation or writing error, Taxi Eddy reserves the right to withdraw.

2. For scheduled trips to the airport, train station or port, etc. or pickups from airports, ships or train stations, etc., a specific pickup time can be agreed. In these cases, Taxi Eddy must be informed of any timetable changes by the customer in good time so that a change to the pick-up time can be agreed between the parties if necessary. Otherwise, the customer is liable for any damage caused by Taxi Eddy. Pickups from airports can also refer to the arrival of certain flights, unless a specific pickup time has been agreed. In this case, it is the customer's responsibility to provide Taxi Eddy with the exact flight details, in particular the flight number. The contract is always to be picked up at the time of scheduled arrival, unless the customer informs Taxi Eddy of the changed arrival time in good time or it was reasonable and possible for Taxi Eddy to find out about the exact arrival time in good time.


§ 3 Withdrawal and termination by the customer

3. If an order is canceled by the customer before the travel date confirmed in writing, the following cancellation fees will apply:

3.1. When transporting passengers by car:

3.1.1. No cancellation fees if the service has not yet begun. Otherwise in the amount of the service provided.

3.2 When transporting passengers by bus:

3.2.1. No cancellation fees up to two weeks before the travel date confirmed in writing.

3.2.2. Between two weeks and one week before the travel date confirmed in writing, 10% cancellation fee of the fare.

3.2.3. 6 days  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 20% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.4. 5 days  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 30% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.5. 4 days  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 40% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.6. 3 days  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 50% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.7. 2 days  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 60% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.8. 1 day  before the travel date confirmed in writing, 70% cancellation fee of the fare

3.2.9. On the day of the trip, 80% cancellation fee of the fare.

3.3 For material transport:

3.3.1. No cancellation fees if the service has not yet begun. Otherwise in the amount of the service provided.


§ 4 Prices

1. All prices quoted to end consumers are in EURO and include VAT at the statutory rate. Traders are also referred to as net prices.

1.1. Possible transport route usage fees such as ferries, tunnel fees, tolls, parking fees, etc. are not included unless explicitly stated.

1.2. Expenses will be incurred if the driving time is longer than six hours.

2. The applicable taxi tariff regulations of Taxi Eddy are decisive for taxi journeys. These can be viewed in Taxi Eddy's offices and in the taxis.

3. Taxi Eddy offers fixed prices at the current conditions, which you can find in printed literature or, if applicable, at the time of Taxi fare calculator published on the Internet. Older fixed prices lose their validity when a new price list is published.

4. Price changes are permitted if there are more than 2 months between the conclusion of the contract and the agreed travel date. If wages, material costs, fuel or market purchase prices subsequently increase until the service is provided, Taxi Eddy is entitled to increase the price appropriately in line with the cost increases.

5. The customer is entitled to withdraw if the price increase exceeds the increase in general living costs between order and delivery by more than 10%.


§ 5 Due date and payment, default

1. The fare is due immediately upon delivery and will be collected immediately. Payment can be made in cash or by debit/credit card. Taxi Eddy still reserves the right to advance payment. This excludes orders for which a different written agreement has been made in advance.

2. For invoice customers, payments for services must be made no later than 14 days after receipt of the service-related invoice. Deductions and different payment deadlines require express written agreement.

3. Payment is only deemed to have been made when Taxi Eddy has unlimited access to the amount.

4. If the customer defaults on payment, Taxi Eddy is entitled to demand a late payment penalty of €50 above the fare. If Taxi Eddy demonstrably incurred higher damages due to the delay, Taxi Eddy is entitled to claim this as well.


§ 6 Transport of people and things

1. Customers must behave at all times in such a way that the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the company, their own safety and the safety of other passengers and other third parties are not endangered. They are responsible for complying with the obligation to wear a seat belt, as well as for supervising and complying with the obligation to secure minors accompanying them, as well as for supervising and properly securing animals they accompany. Customers must ensure that they or any underage passengers accompanying them only open the vehicle doors when requested by the driver. Customers and people accompanying them are nevertheless obliged to check whether it is safe to open the doors. In the event of damage, customers and people accompanying them are liable for any damage caused by them.

2. Taxi Eddy is free to choose and equip the vehicle. Customers must indicate any special transport requests, in particular due to health requirements, or arrival dates when ordering and when starting the journey.

3. If fares are calculated based on kilometers and the number of people, the underlying route will be determined together with the customer at the customer's request before the start of the journey. If fares are independent of kilometers, especially for airport transfers, Taxi Eddy is free to choose the route.

4. Baggage carried and accompanied animals are in the customer's care during transport, even if Taxi Eddy helps with proper loading and securing. If securing the load is not possible or items can only be loaded at risk to the driver, vehicle or third parties, such items may be excluded from transport.

5. Food is only transported in closed containers. Opening such containers or consuming food during the journey is prohibited without the express consent of Taxi Eddy. Smoking in taxis is prohibited by law.

6. When taking over items suitable for transport, Taxi Eddy will only check them for completeness at the express request of the customer. For this purpose, the customer must submit a corresponding written confirmation of acceptance upon acceptance. Things will be loaded and secured by Taxi Eddy in a suitable manner. If, when the courier goods are delivered to the destination, there is a shortage or a defect compared to the confirmed acceptance confirmation, this must be reported to Taxi Eddy in writing directly upon delivery, stating the type and extent of the damage.

7. When traveling abroad, the passenger/passengers undertake to have valid identification documents.


§ 7 Warranty, liability and limitation of liability

1. Natural wear and tear on transport goods, luggage, etc. is excluded from the warranty. Suitcases, bags and other transport containers are used properly during transport by Taxi Eddy and are subject to natural wear and tear during this transport. Damage to the paintwork of bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers etc. transported by Taxi Eddy cannot be ruled out, even if they are loaded and transported correctly, and are therefore also to be viewed as natural wear and tear.

2. Courier goods that are transported without the customer's personal accompaniment are excluded from the warranty unless a suitable confirmation of acceptance has been countersigned by Taxi Eddy before the start of the journey.

3. Possible warranty claims regarding damage to transported goods must be brought to the attention of Taxi Eddy immediately at the end of the journey.

4. Customers are responsible for any physical injury or property damage resulting from their own consumption of food in the vehicle, even if they were permitted to do so by Taxi Eddy.

5. Taxi Eddy is only liable for damage caused to the customer due to unpunctual departure or arrival at the destination if

a. Compliance with a specific departure and arrival time has been expressly agreed in advance between Taxi Eddy and the customer

b. and the disruption in performance does not arise from natural disasters, unforeseen technical defects, traffic congestion, bad weather, force majeure, accidents or for reasons within the control of the customer. Taxi Eddy is also not liable if the customer has determined the departure or arrival time himself and has ignored normal travel delays such as traffic jams. In particular, short-term flight schedule changes or the customer arriving early or late compared to the planned arrival time do not release the customer from their obligation to provide services.

6. Warranty claims that arise from deficiencies in performance are ultimately excluded if they are not asserted in writing within 14 days of the service being provided.

7. Taxi Eddy's liability for damage that is not physical injury or damage to health is limited to twice the fare, provided that the customer's damage was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence by Taxi Eddy.

8. The customer is liable within the scope of the statutory provisions for all property damage or physical damage caused by him. This also applies to damage caused by underage accompanying persons, animals brought along or transported goods that occur to the property of Taxi Eddy or third parties for health or negligent reasons. This also applies in particular to damage caused by contamination through vomiting, incontinence or food brought along. When quantifying such damage, Taxi Eddy will, in addition to the removal, also claim lost profits due to damage caused by ventilation or drying.

9. If a care facility, a supervisor or another natural person/institution appointed to supervise a person under care books transport for the person under care, Taxi Eddy must be informed of this circumstance. The booking agency/person is then liable for all damage caused to Taxi Eddy by the person being transported and under care during the journey or in connection with the journey.

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